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Tapes and Future Stories
By Eldritch Hat on August 31st, 2019, 7:16 pm
Tapes is the first tale of Broken Semiotic, and I have another in the works that should come out at some point in September. However, besides that, I would like a means to insure peoples' interest in the comic before I commit to this project over others that I have in mind. I made a goal on my patreon for just ten people to become patrons, at which point I will solidify that I will be working on a run of at least five more stories.

If you are interested in this comic, you can find my Patreon page here:

Even in the case that I do not reach this goal, I won't stop this project, but it will be far more casual. Alongside this, if you would like to work with me on making your own tale to include in the anthology, then either contact me through a message on this site, or through my discord.

My discord: